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Thursday, January 18, 2018 23:09:18


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Welcome to Game Division

At Game Division we specialise in developing great games for our customers,we always strive for perfection.Developing on iPhone,iPad and Android we hope to bring some fantastic new games in the future.

Cross-platform Mobile App Development Showcase

Eggy Ed was developed using Corona SDK.Corona is the leading platform for building rich mobile game's,ebooks and apps.
Corona was the best solution for developing Eggy Ed.With its easy to use interface and flawless performance,i knew my game would be the best it could be using corona.

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To celebrate the release of Game Division's new game Eggy Ed

We will be giving away,to one lucky winner a brand new shiny IPAD 2 in the colour or your choice.Yes you read that correct,a brand new IPAD2 could be yours,simply buy Eggy Ed game for your device, IOS or Android,Register here on game division's website making sure to give your apple I.D,for verification of purchase,and that's it,sit back and wait for the draw.
And good luck!

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  • Purchase Eggy Ed from either the Apple App Store,or Android Market Place

  • Iphone version

  • Ipad version

  • Android version

  • Register yourself here on game division's website

  • Make sure to register your Apple I.D fore verification purposes when registering